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Sunny Beach in Bulgaria ranked 1st for the best all-inclusive summer holiday deals.
Sunny Beach in Bulgaria ranked 1st for the best all-inclusive summer holiday deals.

ALL-INCLUSIVE packages are now Britons’ number one holiday of choice, new research has revealed. But which destinations offer the best value for money? Bulgarian resorts have come out on top, with Turkey, Morocco, Malta, Spain and Greece also offering cheap deals for this year’s summer holidays.

And who can blame them? With everything taken care of - from flights to accommodation, meals, drinks, activities and entertainment - not having to put your hand in your wallet from the moment you check-in to the end of the holiday are the key ingredients for a stress-free holiday.

In first place, the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach represents the best value when searching for an all-inclusive bargain.
A seven-night break at a four-star resort can be scooped up for as little as £229 at the beginning of May.

With such affordable prices, Sunny Beach was recently named the cheapest holiday destination in the world by the 2018 Post Office Travel Money Holiday Costs Barometer.

This three mile stretch of golden sand beaches lies on the Black Sea coastline.

Well known for its water sports activities and vibrant nightlife, the resort is popular with families searching for a good value holiday destination.

Top 10 countries for best all-inclusive holiday prices:
1. Bulgaria, 2. Turkey, 3.Morocco, 4. Malta, 5. Spain, 6. Greece, 7. Egypt, 8. Portugal, 9. Cyprus, 10. Croatia

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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